Leak Detection Specialists For Pools & Spas

Leak Technologies Trucks

We specialize in pool & spa leak detection and repair in the Southern California Area. With our 20+ years of experience, we give you the highest degree of leak locating accuracy. We have pioneered new technologies in leak location which assures virtually 100% accuracy/success rate. We have detected thousands of pool & spa leaks and offer a lifetime warranty on most of our work.

Swimming pools, when maintained and functioning correctly, actually use far less water than many people pour onto their landscape.

Pool & Spa Leaks: Common Questions

Ground around Pool lifted serveral inches due to pool leak

Ground around this pool was lifted almost 3 inches by water leaking.

During the 20+ years we have been detecting pool leaks, customers many times ask these basic questions.

If you are not sure if your pool is leaking, try our NO COST self test.